Rope Handle Adventure Leash (5/8")

$25.00 USD

This item is handmade from genuine BioThane material and durable brass hardware. 

Please provide the following information at checkout:
Length: Measured from bottom of the clasp to end of the handle, please note sizes will be approximate and may vary slightly due to the nature of being handmade.
Name/Text/Symbol Stamp: Max 10 characters. Could be your pet's name, a short phrase, or your IG handle. Symbols available include: ♥ @ | / ! ? # + - $ & ' ( ) ; : . *
Picture Stamp: Your choice of a rose, trio of smaller pine trees, or arrow. If you don't want a picture, select "NO picture stamp".
Stamp Location: Stamps will be placed next to the accent colors/near the handle.
Main Color: Please pick the primary color for your leash
Accent Color: This color will be used as an accent on your leash near the lower clasp and where it attaches to the handle. If you want it to all be 1 color rather than 2 colors, you can choose the same color for both of these options.
Handle Color: This is the color of the rope handle, which comes with brass hardware. These handles are made by Jennifer from Green Trout Outfitters specially for our shop!

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