Flower Crowns

Imagine how pretty your pup will look in a lovingly handmade flower crown created from realistic silk flora and fauna. Each crown is one of a kind and once sold, cannot be re-created. 

New flower crowns will be added to the shop each weekend, with various unique designs being offered based on the season.

Current winter flower crowns include pine needles, pinecones, poinsettias, and other seasonal winter colors.

Please note, these crowns are fragile and intended for short term use such as photo shoots or puppy pawties. They are not designed to be worn when wrestling, playing fetch, swimming, etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to hello@wixomswhimsies.com or message on Instagram @wixomswhimsies.

Sizing Charts

Bandana Size Chart

Bandana Size Mini Small Medium  Large
Length 10"-15" 20" 24" 30"
Height 3"-6" 8" 10" 15"
Neck Size 6"-12" 11"-14" 14"-18" 19"-25"

Please note, each item is handmade therefore lengths are approximate. Please allow 6 to 8 inches of extra length for tying. Neck size is a guideline for tie-on bandanas. If you prefer snap closure instead of tie on, please measure your dogs neck size and allow about 2 inches of length for snaps.

Collar Size Chart

Collar Size

Please measure your dogs current collar size for best fit. All collars are 1" wide and made with heavy duty polypro webbing.