Raven Handmade Fabric Pot Cover

$20.00 USD

This fabric plant pot cover is designed for you to set your plant (planted in its plastic nursery pot) inside this fabric basket for a fun, decorative look.

Please choose your size - to fit a standard 4" plastic nursery pot, or a standard 6" nursery pot. If you need a custom size, please feel free to message or email me!

Each cover is lined with a water, stain, mildew/mold, and dirt resistant marine grade fabric so your plants and counters will stay clean and tidy! They are also reversible, if you prefer to have a solid color on the outside!

To use, please carefully set your plant inside the fabric cover. Take your plant out of the basket when watering to avoid it draining into the fabric.

Machine or hand wash as needed, line dry, medium iron.