Cebu Blue Pothos Cuttings

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For sale:
"Cebu Blue" Pothos cuttings which are cut from the beautiful plant in my own home!

Cuttings will be taken at time of purchase and shipped Monday-Wednesday. Cuttings will have at least 1-2 nodes/aerial roots and should be planted or placed in water immediately. Some may be partially rooted but no guarantee.

Pothos are excellent air purifiers and are also very easy to care for. Place them indoors in medium to bright light. They can survive in lower light, but will grow slower and may need to be put in brighter light once a week to maintain healthy leaves. They should not be placed in direct sun. Water when the top of the soil feels dry.

Please note: pothos are toxic to pets and should be kept away from them. You can always contact me with questions about your plant and I would love to see updated growth pictures! I cannot guarantee/warrantee plants. All plants are sent out happy and healthy - please do your research before purchasing to be sure you have the right environment to care for them.

I strongly recommend purchasing 2-3 day shipping to ensure they arrive quickly and healthy. Cannot be sent outside of US (sorry international friends!)