Pixie Succulent Pots

$18.00 USD

For sale:
Choose between a small terra cotta pot or a white ceramic heart pot filled with a variety of tiny baby succulents!

Note: the succulents will stay very small if kept in this container, which is what it is designed for. If you want them to grow bigger, simply take some of them out of the pot and place into a different one to allow more room for growth. Place indoors or outdoors (in warm climate) in partial to full sun. Water sparingly, and gently dab the leaves off to help them dry and prevent rot. If the plants or soil is kept too moist, the plants will rot.

Plants will be shipped in the pot, however they may not all be fully rooted yet - please don't worry if any fall out simply place them back in their spots and let them be. Succulents need very little care and the most common pitfall is over watering!

These plants need direct sun and do well in warmer, drier climates. Only water when soil is completely dried out. Water more in summer, less in winter.

Please note: you can always contact me with questions about your plant and I would love to see updated growth pictures! I cannot guarantee/warrantee plants. All plants are sent out happy and healthy - please do your research before purchasing to be sure you have the right environment to care for them.

I strongly recommend purchasing 2-3 day shipping to ensure they arrive quickly and healthy. Cannot be sent outside of US (sorry international friends!) Plants only ship out on Monday-Wednesday to avoid them sitting for too long in the post office.