*Mystery Box*

$25.00 USD

You will receive a box of mystery items which may include but is not limited to: bandanas, collars (cotton, velvet, or biothane), leashes, bows/bow ties, headbands, scrunchies, infinity scarves, and/or floral accessories. 

Please indicate your pet's neck size, breed, if you have any gender/color/pattern preferences, and if there are any specific items you will not use (such as if you have short hair and wouldn't be able to wear a scrunchie, or if you have a dog who can only wear martingale collars, etc). Please note that I will follow your preferences to the best of my abilities, but may not be able to at all times. 

You will receive a number of items in each bundle, with the quantity corresponding to the dollar value you choose. Please note that some items are more expensive than others, and this will impact the number of items in your box.