ID Tag Holder

$12.50 USD

"What even is this???" you might ask. This product is meant to be used by people (like myself) who have more collars than they do ID tags for their dogs. Simply put the ID tag onto the slider, instead of attaching it directly to a collar's D-ring, and you can more easily switch the entire loop slider between collars. This way, you don't have to try to get the ID tag on and off the D-ring each time you want to use a different collar - instead, simply slide the loop (with ID tag attached to it already) off the current collar, and then slide it onto the new one. Easy peasy!

Please provide the following information at checkout:
Size: Please indicate the width of the collar you will be using this on - for example, if you will use it primarily with 1" collars then you would choose the 1" option. This will determine which collars you can slide it on and off of. You will not be able to use it on a collar wider than the one you indicate at checkout, however it can be used on narrower collars easily. Note that all tag holders themselves will be made with the 5/8" biothane, no matter what collar width you choose as the size.
Style: Two style options are available. The first is the more "Secured" loop style, in which the keyring is secured below the loop with a rivet. The second is the "Free" loop style, in which the keyring is free flowing on the loop. If you are interested in pros and cons of each style, please see note below.

Secured Style:
- Pros = loop does not move around on the collar and is more secure when taking collar on and off, tag can be more easily/readily seen
- Cons = tag sometimes can flip up or around when dog is walking/running, loop can be harder to get on and off collars, tag hangs lower than it would on a D-ring and this may be too long for some smaller dogs

Free Style:
- Pros = loop is very easy to switch between collars, tag does not hang lower than normal, less problems with tag flipping up
- Cons = loop is looser and therefore can easily fall off collar when you take the collar off if you are not careful, loop can move around on the collar (doesn't bother me but some people may not like that)