Halloween Sparkle Collar

$14.99 USD

These handmade dog collars are created from a glitter ribbon and backed with strong webbing for extra durability. Please note, all collars are 1" wide.

Design Colors:
- Dark purple sparkle ribbon
- Bright orange sparkle ribbon
- Polypro webbing options in dark purple, bright orange, or black
All colors are glittery and sparkle brilliantly!

Approximate Collar Sizing:
- Small: 10" - 14" long
- Medium: 14" - 20" long
- Large: 18" - 26" long
For best fit please include note with dogs current collar length.

This collar should be hand washed, line dry. It is made of a glittery ribbon material, backed with water and mildew resistant polypro webbing, and coated with a sealer specifically designed to keep glitter in place! This collar will provide a truly magical look for your pet!

*Please note: Collars are coated with a sealer. The vapors from the sealer (while it is being sprayed from the can) contains chemicals due to the pressurization process. Although there are no warnings about contact with the sealer after it has been applied, care should still be taken that your dog does not excessively lick or bite the collar. (I hope this would not be allowed anyways!) Please take care and use discretion when using this product.

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