Convertible Flower Crown (Add-On)

$10.00 USD

This listing is an add-on listing; it is used to turn your floral collar attachment into a convertible flower crown.

This listing is for the ribbon piece only and does not include any flowers (flowers in photos are shown for example only). Floral attachments are to be purchased separately and can be attached to the crown using the same velcro you use to attach it around the collar.

If you already own a collar attachment and you'd like to purchase this listing to turn it into a crown, please include a note with your purchase telling me the measurement between the 2 velcro pieces on your current attachment. See last photo in this listing for an example of what I mean. Please note, ribbon may not be exactly the same pattern as those pictured however color will remain consistent.

By purchasing this listing, you are able to use your floral attachment in 2 unique ways! You can either velcro it around your dogs collar for them to wear, or velcro it to the ribbon piece and use it as a floral crown for you or your pet!