Fi-Compatible Adventure Limited Slip Collar (1")

$48.99 USD

This Fi Dog Compatible Collar band is handmade from genuine BioThane material and durable brass hardware.

Please provide the following information at checkout:
Neck size: I will make this the middle size of the collar (with about 1-2" to both loosen and tighten) unless otherwise specified
Name/Text/Symbol Stamp: Limited 10-15 characters depending on size of collar. Could be your pet's name, a short phrase, or your IG handle. Symbols available include: ♥ @ | / ! ? # + - $ & ' ( ) ; : . *
Picture Stamp: Note that with the Fi-device, you will have significantly less room for stamps on your collar. Larger stamps, such as the mountain range and arrow, will only be able to fit on larger dog collars, or on the martingale portion. Your choice of a rose, single pine tree, trio of smaller pine trees, mountain range, or arrow. If you don't want a picture, select "NO picture stamp". I will stamp the same single image up to 3 times per collar.
Optional Second Picture Stamp: If you would like 2 different picture stamps, please indicate this, or choose "No" if don't want a second different stamp.
Stamp Location: You can have your stamps placed on the martingale portion, next to the accent colors/Fi Device, etc.
Color: Please pick the primary color for your collar
Accent Color: This color will be used as an accent on your collar. If you want it to all be 1 color rather than 2 colors, you can choose the same color for both of these options.

Important note: This is a collar band only and does not come with the Fi tracking device. Fi tracker must be purchased separately.

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