Fi-Compatible Adventure Buckle Collar: Layered Style (1")

$39.99 USD

This item is handmade from genuine BioThane material and durable brass hardware.

Please provide the following information at checkout:
Neck size: I will make this the middle size of the collar (with holes to make it larger or smaller as needed) unless otherwise specified
Name/Text/Symbol Stamp: Limited 10-15 characters depending on size of collar. Could be your pet's name, a short phrase, or your IG handle. Symbols available include: ♥ @ | / ! ? # + - $ & ' ( ) ; : . *
Picture Stamp: Your choice of a rose, trio of smaller pine trees, or arrow. If you don't want a picture, select "NO picture stamp". I will stamp the same single image up to 3 times per purchase, per collar. If you want more than that (such as a continuous line of trees) please send me a message and we can work out a custom listing for you!
Optional Second Picture Stamp: If you would like 2 different picture stamps, please indicate this, or choose "No" if don't want a second different stamp.
Stamp Location: You can have your stamps placed on the end tab (the part that hangs off past the buckle), in the middle, next to the buckle and/or holes, etc.

Note: Please see regular Adventure Buckle Collar listing for example of stamps and other colors. Colors pictured are Forest and Sage.