Custom Flower Accessory

This listing is for a custom floral accessory. Please read each option carefully and fill it out completely. I will create your custom piece based on the information provided in this form.

Each piece is unique. There is no guarantee I have flowers available to use that you have seen in other pieces. I will use flowers I currently have available to create your own special floral accessory; if I do not have flowers in the colors you have chosen, I will do my best to find some. If I cannot find any in your preferred colors, I will reach out via email to let you know and discuss our options.

Explanation of options in form:
Accessory style
allows you to choose between velcro-on collar attachment or a ribbon crown. If you want the convertible collar/crown option, purchase your custom collar attachment and include the convertible crown add-on listing to your order.
of your floral attachment is the measurement in inches for how long the accessory will be.
Width tells me what size flowers you'd like me to use. Basically, do you want it to be a more skinny piece or would you prefer me use larger flowers so it is more wide and dramatic?
Primary colors allows you to choose your top 2 colors that will be the main colors of the accessory.
Accent colors allows you to choose up to 2 additional colors that will be used as secondary colors in your accessory. Please note, I may only use 2 or 3 colors but up to 4 depending on what flowers I have available.
Foliage refers to any leaves or greenery you may want included in your accessory.
Unique Accents refers to items such pumpkins, pinecones, or seashells that you can include in your accessory. Seashells and succulents add significant weight to your piece and are best used on smaller collar attachments, or using only smaller seashells/succulents as accents on larger pieces. Please note that additional charges may apply for some items.

Important Information: Turnaround time for this item is currently at 3-4 weeks. If you need yours rushed, I am able to do so for an additional charge of $5-15 based on how quickly you need it. If this listing is currently sold out, check back in a couple weeks as I am only able to fulfill a few at a time.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions or concerns about purchasing a custom floral accessory!  

Size Guide

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Sizing Charts

Bandana Size Chart

Bandana Size Mini Small Medium  Large
Length 10"-15" 20" 24" 30"
Height 3"-6" 8" 10" 15"
Neck Size 6"-12" 11"-14" 14"-18" 19"-25"

Please note, each item is handmade therefore lengths are approximate. Please allow 6 to 8 inches of extra length for tying. Neck size is a guideline for tie-on bandanas. If you prefer snap closure instead of tie on, please measure your dogs neck size and allow about 1-2 inches extra length for snaps.

Infinity Scarf Size Chart

Scarf Size Extra Small Small Medium Large
Head Size up to 10" up to 13" up to 18" up to 24"
Neck Size 6"-9" 9"-12" 12"-16" 16"-22"

 Please be sure to measure your dogs head size and include it in your note. These scarves are designed to slide over your dogs head, so it is important to include this measurement to ensure best fit. If your dog is very fluffy, include this in your note as well and you may also need to go up a size since a looser fit with these looks better! 

Collar Size Chart

Collar Size

Please measure your dogs current collar size for best fit.