Cotton Fabric Face Mask: Women

$15.00 USD

These face masks are hand sewn from cotton material. They can be tied on or finished with elastic - whichever you prefer.

I will be matching each mask purchased by donating one to a local hospital, vet clinic, grocery store, or other local with people working on the front line keeping us all alive and safe.

Please choose your pattern, size, and number that you'd like to be donated. For now I will be making them with elastic, but when I am out of elastic I will start making tie-on. Please let me know in note to seller if you have a preference.

These should be washed regularly. Sizing is general and perfect fit is not guaranteed, however it should be close enough for you to make it work comfortably! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. These masks are not proven to protect against COVID-19 but may offer some protection.