Adventure Leash Training Tab (5/8")

$14.99 USD

This item is handmade from genuine BioThane material and durable brass hardware. 

Please provide the following information at checkout:
Length: Measured from bottom of the clasp to end of the handle (clasp is about 3" long so your actual biothane handle will be 3" shorter than the total length you choose)
Name/Text/Symbol Stamp: Max 10 characters. Could be your pet's name, a short phrase, or your IG handle. Symbols available include: ♥ @ | / ! ? # + - $ & ' ( ) ; : . *
Picture Stamp: Your choice of a rose, trio of smaller pine trees, or arrow. If you don't want a picture, select "NO picture stamp".
Stamp Location: Stamps will be placed next to the accent colors/near the clasp.
Color: Please pick the primary color for your handle
Accent Color: This color will be used as an accent on your training tab. If you want it to all be 1 color rather than 2 colors, you can choose the same color for both of these options.
Optional D-Ring:  If you'd like a D ring included (to attach your keys, poo bag, etc) please choose this option. If you don't want a ring, selection "no D ring"