Adventure Harness (1")

$35.00 USD

This adventure harness is handmade from genuine BioThane material and durable brass hardware.

Please provide the following information at checkout:
Size measurements in Inches around the chest (A): measure chest/waist circumference around the area where you want the back loop to lay on your pet (normally, this is a couple inches behind the elbows). This band will be adjustable approximately 2" larger and smaller than the measurement given, with holes every 1/2" for a more precise fit and is secured with a buckle.
Size measurement neck (B): measure from the back base of the neck around to the front center of the chest 
Size measurement back strap (C): measure from the back base of the neck to the chest circumference point where you measured for A (this is where the D ring to attach the leash will be located)
Size measurement chest strap (D): measure from center of chest underneath to the circumference line on the pet's belly (this will connect the back loop to the neck loop and is the strap you see going vertical along the dogs chest in the front facing photo).
Name/Text/Symbol Stamp: Limited 10-15 characters depending on size of harness. Could be your pet's name, a short phrase, or your IG handle. Symbols available include: ♥ @ | / ! ? # + - $ & ' ( ) ; : . *
Picture Stamp: Your choice of any listed picture stamp. If you don't want a picture, select "NO picture stamp". I will stamp the same single image up to 3 times per collar. If you want more than that (such as continuous mountain range) please send me a message and we can work out a custom listing for you!
Optional Second Picture Stamp: If you would like 2 different picture stamps, please indicate this, or choose "No" if don't want a second different stamp.
Stamp Location: You can have your stamps placed anywhere you'd like, pending there is room for them. This could be on the back strap (C), on either side of the neck (B), next to the buckle holes (A), etc.
Color: Please pick the primary color for your harness
Secondary Color: Choose a second color if you want your harness to have an accent color. This will be the color of the back strap (C). If you want it to be all one color, choose the same color for both primary and secondary colors.
Optional front D-ring: Please indicate if you would like a second D-ring to be included on the front chest strap so it can also be used as a front lead harness. D ring on the back strap is already included.

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