"Lightning Bolt" Jewel Orchid: Macodes Petola

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Macodes Petola Jewel Orchid

~ Light: Medium indirect light. No direct sun. Place it in a north window, or under an LED light bulb
~ Water: Keep evenly moist but not wet/soggy. Water when pot starts to feel a little bit light or top of moss looks/feels dry.
~ Environment: Mist or keep in a humid environment. Be careful not to allow water to sit on leaves too long or it may rot. You can increase humidity by placing a jar over top of it, keeping it in the bathroom, or putting it in a small terrarium.
~ Soil: Ideally plant in a mixture of sphagnum moss, perlite or pumice, horticultural charcoal, and small orchid bark. They can do well in moss alone, but be careful not to pack it in tightly - they like it loose so the roots can have air. Do not plant in dirt/potting soil.

Plants will be shipped with small amount of sphagnum moss.

As far as I know, these are non-toxic to pets. However I was not able to find much information on this, so if you are worried your pet will eat it, I suggest keeping it out of reach.

Please note: you can always contact me with questions about your plant and I would love to see updated growth pictures! I cannot guarantee/warrantee plants. All plants are sent out happy and healthy - please do your research before purchasing to be sure you have the right environment to care for them.

Cannot be sent outside of US (sorry international friends!)