Lakeside Wanderlust Blanket

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This hand woven traditional Mexican blanket features a striped pattern in white, pastel seafoam, bright purple, and your choice of yellow or grey accent color. This blanket is ideal for use on any of your adventures!
Take it to the beach or the park for a picnic; use it in your car to keep the seats clean; throw it on the couch or bed for extra coziness; or toss it in your dogs crate for them to snuggle up.

Carrying straps - roll or fold up your blanket and slip it into the straps. Tighten straps to secure and then sling over your shoulder for easy traveling!

Approximately 72" by 48" (6 feet by 4 feet)

Purple, white, seafoam/mint green, and either grey or yellow

Material & Care:
Made of 50% acrylic, 40% polyester, 10% cotton.
Machine or hand wash cool, tumble dry cool. Becomes softer with use. Hand woven in Mexico, pocket is made of flannel cotton with iron on label. Do not iron directly on label.

Please note: Blanket color may differ slightly compared to what you see on your computer screen. Striped patterns may also slightly vary compared to those shown in the photos due to the nature of how the blankets are hand-woven by artisans in Mexico.

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