Contigo Mexican Handmade Dog Bandana

$20.00 USD $22.00 USD

This handmade dog bandana is made from traditional woven fabric directly from Mexico. It is sewn in a square shape and hand-frayed which is designed to be folded diagonal in half and tied at the corners around your dogs neck area.

Design Pattern:
- Bright blue with colorful woven stripes

Approximate Sizing:
- Mini: 10 inches wide x 5 inches long
- Small: 18 inches wide x 9 inches long
- Medium: 23 inches wide x 10 inches long
- Large: 30 inches wide x 15 inches long

Color may differ slightly depending on your computer screen. The placement and orientation of the pattern may also vary to that shown due to the cut of fabric. This results in a unique bandana for your pup!

Hand wash in cold water with small amount of mild detergent, line dry. It is made of cotton materials; low to medium iron as needed, avoid stitched edge. A beautiful look for your pet!

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