Adenium Handmade Dog Collar

$24.99 USD

These dog collars are handmade with cotton fabric lined with strong webbing for extra durability. This collar is made from an ethnic African Waxed fabric.

Design Pattern:
Dark purple, blue, burgundy, and white tribal print - please note that the pattern on this fabric is very unique and each collar will be different!

Approximate Collar Sizing:
- Extra Small: less than 10" (include note with current neck size)
- Small: 10" - 14" long
- Medium: 14" - 20" long
- Large: 18" - 26" long
For best fit please include note with dogs current collar length.

5/8" size available with silver hardware only. Please choose silver hardware, 5/8" and size to purchase.

This collar is non-toxic and hand washable, line dry. It is made of comfy, cotton materials lined with polypro webbing which makes it more durable and easy to clean!